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前几天,看蔡澜的集子。其中一篇"死前必吃的 N 种食物",见羊肉被列在肉食的首选。莞尔。



Fight with Nvidia 9800gx2

Since last Saturday, starting to have very weird problems with the computer. First of all, installation of games from virtual driver (using Alcohol or daemon tools) all failed complaining the file data is corrupted.
Secondly, playing 3d games would fail after a few minutes, either BSOD, or freeze for a couple minutes and then jump back to Windows.

For first issue, thought maybe something wrong with virtual cd software, but both Alcohol and Daemon failed … so I thought maybe really the image files on file server was corrupted, but I doubt that because I used to be able to install the games … unless the hard drive is failing … or worse, the disk array is failing…

I found the HD storing the game image is a standalone hard drive, not part of the array. So run error check, bad sector check, it turned out nothing wrong.
PM Also tested the image and virtual cd software on the laptop and they are working fine … so … phew … the file server is proved to be OK. 🙂

until then, I had no progress on issue one at all. So I skipped it and jump to issue 2.

Tried different games: all had problems sooner or later.

So as the first thing to try, since I recently installed a new driver, I thought maybe something wrong with that? So I re-installed the new driver … still same problem. uninstalled … then download the old driver, install … good for first 10 minutes, then … again, BSOD!

After that started seriously considering hardware issue … 🙁

PSU pulled out and replugged in, no help … turned all fans to highest speed (so noisy that it sounds like a tractor in my study), no help still.

Starting to suspect mobo and memory.

I did see some error messages related to nv4_disp.dll before the computer restarted itself so yesterday spend whole day googling around on that

Check out some posts I came across over Internet:

Hmm. Have you noticed that this happens to you after your computer has woken up from S3 Sleep Mode? You can check which sleep mode your computer is using by going into the motherboard’s BIOS.

I’ve noticed that nv4_disp.dll becomes completely unstable after S3 sleep mode which is why I changed to S1 sleep mode. I mean I can wake up from S3 okay and everything would seem to be fine, but after a while, it just blue screens.

I’ve also had problems with blue screen when I have the voltage of my CPU set too low. But I overclocked my processor though. Maybe you can try uping the VCORE of your CPU just a little bit? Like from 1.35 to 1.375 or something like that.

The problem happens to me in just about every game it seems. But, yes for me, anyway, using the 163.75 has stopped all BSOD’s. I can’t really say I blame NVIDIA for sure. This problem may stem from other things. To be honest, I’ve never had any real issues with NVIDIA cards in the past until now. or at least a problem related to video drivers or what not. Give those drivers a try and see what happens. Although, I agree, using these drivers is not as optimal as the later ones for performance and bug fix reasons. Nobody seems to have a real solution to this, it seems.

Go to the Nvidia site and download the Latest NVidia Drivers.

Resart the PC in Safe Mode. Navigate to Device Manager and uninstall the Video Driver. Navigate to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers and delete this file "nv4_mini.sys"

You should be able to start normally, if not restart in Safe Mode and install the new drivers

Your video drivers are corrupt. Reinstall them and see what happens.

If the problems still persists, download Memtest+ V.170, unzip it, burn the ISO file to a CD, and then boot from it, just like you would do with the XP install CD. Let Memtest+ run for at least three hours on each stick of RAM separately. If you start seeing errors, than your RAM is bad.

It seems many people have this issue and no official solution at all on that. … bad news … but anyway I thought I would give the idea about uninstall the driver then manually clean up the driver-related files a try. I downloaded a memory test software as I suspect it could be because bad memory as well.
Also downloaded a driver cleaner software.

Last night, action!

  1. booted to safe mode
  2. uninstalled the driver
  3. fired up the driver cleaner and ran it: it did found a few relevant entries including nv4_disp.dll under /windows/system32/drivers and some other things and cleaned them up
  4. manually searched registry and remove any entries related to nv4_disp.dll.
  5. After that, restarted to safe mode again and install the latest driver.
  6. Reboot, started BIOSHOCK, for 1 and half hour, yeah! it is still working! no blue screen!

and I am not sure if it is my imagination or what, I feel the quality of the images in game is improved as well! 🙂

The most surprising thing is, I then tested installing games again from file server and you know that, they all worked without even a glitch! What the hell …

I don’t understand what the video driver has to do with the file operation … but I don’t care it any more as I am a happy man again. 🙂

>> End of story <<

I feel so relieved that I don’t need to re-install Windows, or the worse to diagnose possible hardware failure.


<– Wrong conclustion. scroll to the end to see the true conclusion.
I tend to believe NVidia driver installer is buggy: it failed to update all driver files.

In theory, NVidia requires you to uninstall the old driver first, then install the new one. Which does no make much sense to me from a software developer’s point of view.

Despite of that, I believed I followed their absurd instructions: uninstall old one, then isntall new one, but still for some reason some files are not updated.

I can see that’s why there is this driver cleaner software for Nvidia specially.

I don’t remember with my ATI card I would need to uninstall first. In this aspect, NVidia sucks!

Oops, episode 2
It turns out the issue remains after one night good. In past a couple of days try different ways in despair:
– Re-installed Windows: basically ghosted back a roughly raw image and tested the game, found issue was still there.
– tested Obvillon and similar issue: picture freezes
– in the end, pulled out two of 4 sticks of memories and guess what, it seem to fix the issue: the games has been stable, so far only one lock-up occurred.

What the heck? Memory problem? or Windows XP problem with 4GB memory? Anyway, I will leave it running with 2 GB mem left for a couple of more days and see how it goes!